We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to those who have contributed to the making of “Six Letter Word”:

To show our appreciation for your support, we’ve chosen rewards for each donation level on our Indiegogo fundraising campaign. You can also support this film by spreading the word to your friends and family, by posting this link on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, you name it and by liking our Facebook page or following us on Twitter.  The more you spread the word, the more potential donors / fans the campaign reaches. The “Six Letter Word” project team are truly grateful for any support you can give, monetary or otherwise.  Thanks!

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Maxie Roston-Saul
Lawrence Kootnikoff
Karen Briner
Catherine Dent
Karen Zumsteg
Mark Haapala
Eileen Funke
Barri Evins
for Lucille Rosenberg
Lauren Ludwig
Vivian Greene


William Wright
Andrew Wright
Tracy Ferrara
Shannon Colleary
Patricia Verducci
In memory of Herbert A. Kahn
Geri Beltran
April Rouveyrol 
Catherine Hurd
Laura Brennan
Alexandra Drosu
Paige Van Riper
John Freund
Tracey Wright
Tara Anaise Samat
Larry Grusin
Eyal Alony
Joyce, Jim, Jonathan and Jennifer Mann
Julie Gabrielli
James Hevener
Roberta Rockwell-Micalizio
Christine Hinz
Elizabeth Stanley
Lisa Callamaro
Ursula Burton
Bryan Dick
Rita Augustine
Lisa Dalesandro
Jamie Reidy
Swati Pandey
Gina Maolucci
Liz Rosenberg
Kris Young
Sharon Bordas
Barbara Bogaev
Maren Michel
Monica Nordhaus
Shaz Bennett
Frederick Mensch
Benjamin Reder
Zoelle Egner
Chandus Jackson
Angela Roth
Susan and Artie Resnick
Juliana Guimaraes Martinez
Elizabeth Nelson
Leslie Sydnor
Clea Frost
Heidi Waterfield


August Sunseri
Anthony Sunseri
Luke Ohanesian
Robin Russin
Constance Brooks
Alex Nevil
Celeste Wolfe
Cheryl Stowell
Alice Peck
Eric Rosin
Bettina Siegel
Christine Adams
Zoey O’Toole
Meg LeFauve
Jen Robinson
Jessica Caceres
Karen Tarleton
Dulce Steinglein
Amy Hotchkiss-Kerby
Norton and Barbara Garber 
Hyun Mi Oh
Gary Gilbert
Felicia Henderson
Jeff Way and Caroline Oberst
“I Said Sit” School for Dogs
Ellen R. Horaitis
Annette Clear
Amyn Kaderali


Martha Wilson
Stephen Lefkovits
Anna Murray
Norman Rave
Natalia Blinkova
Erin Dichiara
Susanne Howarth
In honor of Jackson, Eli and their parents
Jennifer Ellis-Tyler
Patricia Mahoney
Elana Roston
Norman Rave
Karen Peterson and Tatsuji Suzuki
Randy Langenfeld
Jen Bergmark
Melissa Travers
Drew Lipsher
Lisa Lynch
Jon Nathanson
Jan Hashey
Dorrie and Phil LaMaar
Jesse Conklin
Joseph Marek
Teri Sforza
Tara and Marty Kloner
Darra Bishop
Velvet Andrews Smith
Terry Norton-Wright
Marci Riseman
Suzanne Felson 
Xander Shapiro
Javier Grillo-Marxuach
Whitney Sander and Catherine Holliss
Justin Sartor
Jonathan Fernandez and Hilary McGregor
Regina Fernicola
Rachel Vogel
Elisa Seidner
Colin Weil
Ira Abrams and Pam Pierce
Julie Heller
Kristin Newman
Ashley Gable


Carl Goldberg
Colette Sartor and Bob Ohanesian
New Perceptions, Inc.
Michele Zumel and Nels Dielman
Jeffrey Keitelman
Maria and Robert Fani
Gary Barton
Don Enright
Joe Lifrieri
Cassandra Marcella Metzger
Chris Bubser and David Baron
John and Kelly Sartor


Erin and Alex Roth
Natalie Birrell
Bert Franke
Don and Diane DiFrancesco
The Welsh Family
Anthony Coscia
Linda Buschke
Willie Hagan


David and Sondra Mack
Gary Singer
Kurt Conti
David and Sylvia Steiner
Robert Catell
George Norcross
Peter Visceglia
Lawrence Roman
Joseph A. Panepinto
Nicole Meola
Bob Holman

Associate Producers

Anthony Sartor
Maria Sartor
Fred Daibes



  1. Hi Lisanne,

    My name is Karmen and I am contacting you on behalf of REEL Ladies, we are a a networking community organization for women in the Film and Entertainment industry where we promote, encourage, motivate and educate fellow women in the industry.

    We attended AFI’s Showcase and were impressed with your short film, “Six Letter Word.” We would like to know if you are open to participating in a Q & A with us. We would love to feature and promote you and your work on our website and support you in any way we can, as we are all “women” in the industry.
    Please let us know if you are interested and if so, we will send over a few questions for you.

    Thanks for your time and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

    All the best,

    Karmen Herring
    Administrative Assistant

    REEL Ladies
    An empowering community& organization for women filmmakers
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